Spring is here again…:)

My allergies are back and so is Spring….my mum always says, I am their personal weather cock…..If I sneeze its going to rain, if I instantly catch a cold, its time to clean the house! So this morning I woke … Continue reading

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10 Things to do before you die….

1. Lose yourself….break free…go crazy

Once in your lifetime….do something crazy, break free from all social norms, plunge into the unknown. There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than to do something you enjoy the most..as if no-one’s watching, there’s nobody to impress, no rules to bind you!!

2. Drink beer!!!

Once in your life drink beer! for the first time and the last …There is nothing more revolting than that(I think so, but maybe I’m wrong). The yucky taste of beer will make you hate alcohol for your entire life!!!

3. Make a fool of yourself….

Learn to laugh at yourself, trust me there’s nothing more harmless and funnier than that!

Blessed is he who has learned to laugh at himself, for he shall never cease to be entertained. John Powell

4. Go back to school…

Its the only place where you are the sole person responsible for your actions. Rest of the world is full of hypocrites and people caught in a rat race. School is where you can be yourself and still be happy….cherish it while it lasts!!!

5. Hit the road…hitchhike….

Its blissful! Leave your home without a destination in mind…….you’ll realize then that it is the journey that’s more rewarding!

6. Workout…learn yoga!

Its worth it to have control over your body and mind!

7. Believe in God…

Its safe to know there’s someone looking over you!

8. Love someone…..

Atleast once in your lifetime love someone whole-heartedly. Give yourself completely and even if it does’nt work out, it’ll make you more sensitive, and tender. As the old saying goes…”Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”.

9. Make a lot of friends..

Make friends……they make the journey through the life more enjoyable. And as somebody once told me, you learn more from your friends than you learn from your teachers!!

Finally and most importantly………….

10. Tell your family you love them….

Always love your family and let them know that you do! They are the ones who have seen you at your best and at your worst and still put up with you. And they deserve to know that they are special! I remember a story I read somewhere as a kid…..There once was an old widow who loved flowers, she always wished throughout her life that her children would give her flowers sometime, but they did’nt. They were too busy in their own lives to realise how much their mother liked flowers. And then one day when she died, they decorated her grave with roses. But it was too late, she was’nt around to enjoy or appreciate them.So spread a cheer, show your affection, while time is at on your side!!

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On the road…

Things have changed tracks as I enjoy the end of the much dreaded 1st semester final exams, it was a rough ride as I tried to cope with all the pressures a graduate school curriculum brings with it, after leading a carefree life for two years. Not exactly carefree in the general sense, but carefree because there were no exams, home works,  last minute assignment submissions and the like.

Right now I’m in New York, , enjoying the winter in all its glory, snow covered lawns, leafless tress standing tall amidst white patches on the ground, snow capped colourful houses and church steeples, and with the Christmas spirit in the air, everything looks extra special. The wind itself has something special about it, is it the smell or the feel of the cold wind on your bare skin, I cant say, it just feels nice.

Long drives, lots and lots of movies, sumptuous home cooked food, frequent trips to the malls, shoe shopping, what more can I ask for, what with the iPhone coming into my life soon. I’m on Cloud number 9!

With the New Year coming with its fresh stock of fun and adventure, I feel a rush of adrenaline and look forward to the celebrations at Times Square as the ball drops.

Soon, school will start again and life will come back to normal, lectures, home works , assignments, on-campus job hunt, night time gossip sessions with my best friends, Gator nights, Friday night discussions about why we are such a sad bunch of people sitting at home while the whole world is out there drunk and lost, midnight trips to TCBY with Meher (who has personally taken up the responsibility of advertising TCBY in the entire Gator Land!), waking up to the smell of Ragu sandwiches as Aggie makes breakfast for both of us. Life is a bliss, no matter where I am!!

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I hate air travel :( !!!

Air travel sucks! When the air inside your ear is sucked out, and your mind unwillingly seeks explanations in physics to this misery, trying hard to remember all that you learned in physics about pressure difference, its a mess inside your head. The worst part is when people stare at you, as you hold your ears to stop the stinging pain, and you look like a female character from an Indian TV Soap, where any bad news is met with feigned awe and “palms over the ear” gestures. And you promise youself you’ll never set foot in an airplane without taking a swig of alcohol, or a dope or rather a bottleful of cough syrup.

But this is the better part, better because it lasts for only a few minutes. The horrible, sucky and the most irritating part is the waiting, escpecially when you are travelling alone. You are sitting in the airport counting down the minutes to meet your loved ones, waiting anxiously for the boarding announcement, when all that you hear is that the boarding has been delayed due to some random maintenance issue. This is when restlessness begins to creep in at the same time when hunger, boredom and lack of sleep due to last night’s party starts acting on you. And restlessness is an understatement, in my case you might as well call it a small volcano sputtering out fumes and sparks as its taking the shape of a big orange mass of fire. This is when you start cursing the entire system of travel, and ask why the concept of “apparition” is not available to us Muggles. All of a sudden American food is the worst thing in the world because you lack the taste or the appreciation for the same, and you might as well stay hungry than eat fries drenched in oil or burgers oozing fat. Starbucks becomes the worst place to have coffee as you try to find targets to vent your anger on. The icing on the cake is, the announcement that your flight has been cancelled! Suddenly you hope to pick a bone with the lady at the ticket counter, who is trying her best to put evry1 on another flight.

At the end of all this turmoil, the best thing is to see your loved ones at the airport, theres nothing like it, no feeling to match the joy and the relief you feel at that very moment. A warmth sweeps over your being and suddenly the world is a nicer place again, the volcano becomes dormant, american food is not bad anymore and people are lovely, rather beautiful and you can smile and sleep in peace again.

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Life as I look at it!!

All these years I was smug and basked under the idea that I’m the best! Always the star student in school, one of the toppers in college(Though not in theory, but I knew I was the best). Most sought after girl in TCS training camp(more like a paid vacation, training camp sounds just too militaryish!! lol!!). I guess, success came easily to me, until…..

Until, I was thrown into the rat race of the IT world. My fate landed me into one of the crappiest projects that TCS has ever undertaken. I still remember my interview day,among 12 people who were interviewed for the project, I was the lucky one to clear it. I was happy and proud, I could work on the best technologies and during recession when most people were on “the bench”, I had work!!! But my happiness was shortlived, I realised it then, its not how you perform academically or how good you were in school that matters. Life is a rat race, where all that matters is luck!!

How lucky were the people who failed the interview that day, they must have gone back home sad and jobless, dreading another long bench time before they get an interview call(which was very rare!! considering the fact that recession was in full swing!). Slowly each and everyone of them got a project. Now they’re sitting in the plush, comfortable and the best office of TCS, Powai Hiranandani. Some of them are onsite(Maybe still laughing at me!!). Life is not fair! And the sooner we realise this the better. Crying over spilled milk has never helped anyone. When you fall, just brush it off, get up and get going. But I did just the opposite, I cried and sulked and wasted my time thinking about ways to get out, instead thanking the Lord for the nice things he has given me.

Had it not been for that stupid project I worked on. I would never have thought of an escape from TCS, my days went plotting and planning my escape(these lines are not borrowed from “Prison Break”, this is exactly how I felt!!!). My GRE score would have rotted and died with time, unused. However, I decide to use it and landed in one of the best graduate schools in US. I’m doing what I love the most, here. Computers and Technology, I’m out of my mundane being and out for some excitement. New opportunites have found me and I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

I’d still say that life can be unfair, a silent enemy lurking in the shadows. But it is how you perceive it that matters. I sulked and cried, shouted and ran. But it was all for the good. Today I thank the Lord, for letting me clear the interview that day. Had it not been for the “most crappiest projects of TCS”, I would not have been doing what I love the most!!

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